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Online Shop
New Paramo Shop New Paramo Shop
Our new shop is being built every day and the latest news is that we are having a new Paramo shop within our shop and this will bring a massive range of stock.

We have built a new shop which looks so much bigger with white painted brick and rustic timber fittings. The boot shelves hang from rope and new computers sit on the desk. It looks and feels great.

The early part of the year had its ups and downs but we were sure that we could see the result of our efforts but it has been quiet recently. We know that is a national trend so we dont panic. That's retail; you have to have a cool head to run a business like this.

We have been visiting suppliers and seeing some very interesting stock. We have purchased cutlery in 7075 alloy. That's the metal we make climbing gear out of. These sets weigh almost nothing. We have found plates and bowls by sea to summit. Beautifully designed. We are now looking for truly outstanding items in the camping area.

Go to www.facebook.com/outdoorpursuitsstone
Down Jackets, trousers, Mid-Layer, Waterproofs Down Jackets, trousers, Mid-Layer, Waterproofs
Shell Clothing, Mid-Layer Clothing, Base layer.
Torches Torches
Everything from head torches through to camp lanterns, come into our shop to see what we have available today.
Socks Socks
We sell Falke, Darn Tough and 1000 Mile Socks
Sledges Sledges
Top quality sledges
Gloves Gloves
Waterproofing from Nikwax, Grangers, Storm, Waterproofing from Nikwax, Grangers, Storm,
Nikwax, TXDirect, Techwash, Fabseil, Cottonproof, Tentproof.
OS Maps OS Maps
All O/S maps available here.
Rucksacks and Bags Rucksacks and Bags
Rucksacks, Dry Bags and Travel Bags
From Mountain Equipment, Ortlieb, Black Diamond, Deuter and Fjällräven.
Petzl Head Torches Petzl Head Torches
Petzl Torches
Leatherman Tools Leatherman Tools
From Leatherman.
Lifesystems First Aid Kits Lifesystems First Aid Kits
First aid kits from Life Systems
Silva Compasses Silva Compasses
Silva Compasses

The Outdoor Pursuits Facebook

The Outdoor Pursuits Facebook

We have created a new Outdoor Pursuits facebook page and she is posting new photos of the shop as it develops. We will be using this page to keep all of you up to date with our developments and new things that arrive from the suppliers.

To find it search for "Outdoor Pursuits Stone" and look for one with the leaves.

Recreation Equipment Inc, or REi As proud members of this co-op we thought it was about time we told you about the other two outdoor co-ops that have been around a lot longer than we have.

The first is REI ( recreational equipment incorporated ) in the states. www.rei.com
This co-op has been around 73 years and is the largest with membership running into 4 million.
REi inspired a group of canadians to open their own co-op, who in turn, inspired us.

Mountain Equipment Co op or MEC Mountain Equipment Co op www.mec.ca

MEC were incorporated in 1971 when outdoor equipment was hard to find in canada. With the help of REi and small number of suppliers they got off the ground though they admit it wasn't easy.

Today MEC have 40 years of establishment and 3 million members. They inspired us to do what we do.

Both REi and MEC are inspirations in the outdoor pursuits retail field. Why not join them.



  Don't hold back. Ask us for anything

We carry a lot of stock and run this along with a continuous order stream from a large number of suppliers. With this system we can adapt to almost any request. P.S. our new email is outdoorcoop@yahoo.co.uk