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Fjall Raven, MSR, lightwave & Terra Nova Tents Fjall Raven, MSR, lightwave & Terra Nova Tents
Fjällräven Tents, Lightwave Tents, MSR Tents, Terra Nova Tents.
Down Jackets, trousers, Mid-Layer, Waterproofs Down Jackets, trousers, Mid-Layer, Waterproofs
Shell Clothing, Mid-Layer Clothing, Base layer.
Socks Socks
We sell Falke, Fox River and Bridgedale socks.
Sledges Sledges
Top quality sledges
Gloves Gloves
Waterproofing from Nikwax, Grangers, Storm, Waterproofing from Nikwax, Grangers, Storm,
Nikwax, TXDirect, Techwash, Fabseil, Cottonproof, Tentproof.
OS Maps OS Maps
All O/S maps available here.
Rucksacks and Bags Rucksacks and Bags
Rucksacks, Dry Bags and Travel Bags
From Mountain Equipment, Ortlieb, Black Diamond, Deuter and Fjällräven.
Cookwear Cookwear
Silva and Suunto Instruments Silva and Suunto Instruments
Suunto and Silva Technology for the outdoors
Petzl Head Torches Petzl Head Torches
Petzl Torches
Leatherman Tools Leatherman Tools
From Leatherman.
Lifesystems First Aid Kits Lifesystems First Aid Kits
First aid kits from Life Systems
Trekmates Gaiters Trekmates Gaiters
Trekmates Gaiters
Silva Compasses Silva Compasses
Silva Compasses

Outdoor Pursuits Equipment News

What a crazy year. Christmas was down, the first quarter was up and life was going quite adequately until May. Mary Portas thought we should do the same thing but at a higher level and cut through the red tape rubbish. I'm totally with her on most of that but the world has changed so new thinking, new actions new systems are required not the re-developed old ones.

The outdoor trade is plodding on under the influence of the Internet. Most suppliers believe that in 5 years time, monster institutions, (Amazon, supermarkets and big chain stores) will sell most product and only tiny number of fringe specialists will exist as independent shops. Our trade has been at the mercy of the superhighway for many years as we passively trade trying to do the best we can under it's influence.

I believe it's time to stop this passive thinking and start harnessing the monster and put it to work for shops. In practical terms that means building a superhighway between suppliers and shops to provide shops with a level of electronic service that is vastly superior to any public Internet site. Customers used to be happy to choose from a selection provided by retailers but this is no longer the case. Today customers study choice on the manufacturers web sites and then search the country for the exact product of their choice. The retail world still hasn't realised that manufacturers web sites increase the range of retail demand, beyond the shops ability to provide. The trade supply system hasn't changed in all the 26 years I've been in the trade. The end result is that customers simply cannot be loyal to their local shop. If evidence were needed, in general it is no longer possible to sell a shop with a value attached to something called "good will" which was essentially customer loyalty.

Well folks I can tell you that such a system is being tested right now and the first screen will appear on our shop counter in Stone this week. It will be some time before all the suppliers catch on but it has to start somewhere and the outdoor pursuits co-op is the best place to start.

What will this mean for you? It means that our ability to cope with the logistics of supplying any one of 250,000 products takes a step closer as it must. Our ability to supply, as a shop, will increase and we may choose to make our web presence none trading. Our phone number will, once more, be more important than our web address. In the near future your local shop will be able to offer you better access to products than the Internet can. Could shops be the future? Yes, the high street doesn't have to die but it must become digital as well as analogue.

We love to get feedback emails.
Our email address,
outdoorcoop@yahoo.co.uk use "feedback" as a title,
Phil Barber.
01785 818500

Recreation Equipment Inc, or REi As proud members of this co-op we thought it was about time we told you about the other two outdoor co-ops that have been around a lot longer than we have.

The first is REI ( recreational equipment incorporated ) in the states. www.rei.com
This co-op has been around 73 years and is the largest with membership running into 4 million.
REi inspired a group of canadians to open their own co-op, who in turn, inspired us.

Mountain Equipment Co op or MEC Mountain Equipment Co op www.mec.ca

MEC were incorporated in 1971 when outdoor equipment was hard to find in canada. With the help of REi and small number of suppliers they got off the ground though they admit it wasn't easy.

Today MEC have 40 years of establishment and 3 million members. They inspired us to do what we do.

Both REi and MEC are inspirations in the outdoor pursuits retail field. Why not join them.

MSR Tents shelters and bivis

MSR Tents shelters and bivis

The latest designs from MSR including the new 'Wings' range of Tarp style bivis and shelters.

Full MSR Tent Accessories Range ALL HERE!

Full MSR Tent Accessories Range ALL HERE!

Now available, the full range of MSR tent accessories including footprints, pegs, guys, repair kits and spares. Please let us know your tent model when ordering footprints.

01785 818500

Cheap Peli Cases.

A bigger range of Peli Cases are now available and are very cheap. Peli’s range of rugged equipment protection cases have become the choice of professionals the world over. Those who demand reliability, performance and durability in all the equipment they use, find Peli cases, with the legendary "you break it - we replace it" guarantee.

Remember there are more models available so if you require a case that isn't listed just give us a call. 01785 818500
Cheap Peli Cases.

Fjällräven products

As many of you know. Fjall Raven changed hands and supply has been inconsistant for a while. I can report that the system is improving and the boys in Portsmouth are getting better at finding the products you request. Our stocks are building and new stock is arriving from holland once w week on average. We have stuck with this company because their products are manufactured to such a high standard and we knew they would get the supply sorted.

So please send in your orders and feel free to challange us to land any product from their range. We will attempt to dispatch from our own stock, if we cannot do that we will email you with a delivery date and deliver from stock comming in from Holland.

So if it's on our site just order in the usual way. If It's not on our site call us on 01785 818500 and we will take the order the old fashioned way.
Fjällräven products

Paramo Clothing now in stock- 01785 818500

Paramo clothing does what it says on the tin. It is the most breathable material we sell.
OK you do have to take care of it but it dosent require much attention. The upside is a dry warm garment that you can wear all day.

We sell everything paramo make. Our stock is reasonable and building every week. We are placing orders on a regular basis so you can demand any product in any colour and size and we will adapt to your request. We promise faithfully not to sell you the one we have on the shelf if your chosen colour or product is diffirent.
Anything paramo, call 01785 818500
or email - www.outdoorcoop@yahoo.co.uk
Paramo Clothing now in stock- 01785 818500

New Fjällräven Sleeping Bag Range.

The Fjällräven Thermo Base sleeping bag range is available with the option of long and short length bags. Its best to phone your order through on 01785 818500.
New Fjällräven Sleeping Bag Range.

The Outdoor co-op Facebook

The Outdoor co-op Facebook

We have decided that we carn't be arsed with facebook or twitter. Spending our days twitfacing is no way to spend a life. If you are doing that, stop it and go to the hills.



  100% of our brands range is available.

We carry huge stock and run this stock along with a continuous order stream from our suppliers. With this system we can adapt to almost any request. P.S. our new email is outdoorcoop@yahoo.co.uk